ABOUT: The “A-word”: an Asian Narrative


Welcome to the world of Asian Americans. A world filled with love, pride and a vast, diverseimages-3 array of cultural heritage that stems from being a part of two social worlds. Despite all the wonderful benefits attributed to being an Asian in modern America, there are also a plethora of added expectations and stereotypes that diminish the quality of life for us minorities. As you follow the different short stories the of every-day Asian Americans, be cognizant of the fact that our battle for social justice is not one that can easily be won through merely a political campaign or event; but only by the empathy of Americans, and a will to be more openhearted in enacting social change, will the dream of equality be reached.  Each story will put you in the perspective of different Asian Americans and their everyday struggle for social equality.

I created this site to spread awareness, to inspire and enact social change. Being Asian-American myself, I live in an era where the “Model Minority Myth” dictates  perception others have of me.296512c-604x270